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wakefield historical publications

The following books are still available, although some only in very small numbers. Send cheques, including postage and packing, to Wakefield Historical Publications at 18 St John’s Square, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 2RA. For multiple books phone for a postage price. Enquiries to tel. 0797 144 9463 or

WHP5 George Gissing and Wakefield, by Clifford Brook £3.00 +£1.50 p&p


Charles Waterton of Walton Hall, by Sir Norman Moore

£1.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP10 The Castleford Pottery, by Diane Edwards Roussel £20.00 +£3.90 p&p
WHP14 The Medieval Monuments of Harewood, by Richard Knowles £5.00 +£2.00 p&p
WHP18 Drawings of Wakefield, by Joe Clay (paperback) £5.00 (reduced) +£2.80 p&p
WHP19 Wakefield Canal Trail, by John Goodchild £1.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP20 Fifty Years of the ABC Regal, by Kate Taylor £1.00 +£1.50 p&p


Attorney at Large, by John Goodchild

£5.00 +£2.00 p&p

WHP25 Coals from Sharlston, by John Goodchild £3.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP27 Thomas Lloyd of Armley Mills, by Peter Brears £1.00 (reduced) + £1.50 p&p
WHP28 Mine and Men, by John Goodchild £3.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP29 Landscape Gardens in West Yorkshire, by George Sheeran, hardback £5.00 (reduced) +£2.80 p&p
WHP33 Woolley Trail, by Geoffrey Markham £1.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP35 Right Royal, Wakefield Theatre 1776-1994, by C.M.P. Taylor £9.95+£2.80 p&p
WHP36 The Making of a West Riding Clothing Village, Pudsey to 1780, by Ruth Strong £6.00 (reduced) +£2.00 p&p
WHP37 Before the National Coalmining Museum, a new history of Caphouse Colliery and Denby Grange Colliery, by John Goodchild £3.00 +£1.50 p&p
WHP38 The Compleat Housekeeper, by Peter Brears, hardback £8.00 (reduced) +£2.80 p&p
WHP39 Watermills and Furnaces of the Dearne Valley and its Tributaries, by Tom Umpleby £20.00 (reduced) +£3.90 p&p
WHP41 Wakefield's First Railway and its Collieries, by John Goodchild £4.00 +£2.00 p&p
WHP43 Worthies of Wakefield, edited by Kate Taylor £5.00 (reduced) +£2.80 p&p
WHP44 The Pious Undertaking Progresses, the later history of the Chantry Chapel on Wakefield Bridge, by Kate Taylor £3.00 +£1.50

The Wakefield Historical Publications books and booklets below are out of stock, however they may be available in Wakefield Local Studies Library, or for sale at Rickaro Books in Horbury or at online booksellers like

Coal Kings of Yorkshire, by John Goodchild, hardback (WHP 1)
Samuel Buck's Yorkshire Sketchbook (WHP 2)
Woolley Hall, by Geoffrey Markham (WHP 3)                                                                                         
Christopher Saxton. Elizabethan Mapmaker, by Ifor M. Evans and Heather Lawrence (WHP 4)  
Sandal Castle Excavation Report, by P. Mayes and L. A. S. Butler (WHP 6)        
The Development of Wakefield in maps, plans and views, described by John Goodchild (WHP 7)
Wakefield and Wool, by John Goodchild (WHP 8)
Hemsworth High Hall, by G. Holdsworth (WHP 11)
Golden Threads, the Barnsley Linen Industry in the 18th and 19th  Centuries, by John Goodchild (WHP 12)
Caphouse Colliery and the Denby Grange Collieries, by John Goodchild (WHP 13)
Walks about Wakefield, by W.S. Banks (WHP 15)
The Inventor of the Marine Chronometer, by Eric Whittle (WHP 16)
The Gentlewoman's Kitchen, by Peter Brears (WHP 17)
Memories of Merry Wakefield, by Henry Clarkson (WHP 21)
Coals from Barnsley, by John Goodchild (WHP 22)
The Aire and Calder Navigation, by Peter Smith (WHP 24)
Sandal Castle, Wakefield, The history and archaeology of a medieval castle, by Lawrence Butler (WHP 30)
Aspects of Medieval Wakefield, by John Goodchild (WHP 31)
The Children were Orderly, the story of Woolley School, by C.M.P. (Kate) Taylor (WHP 32)
A Newmillerdam Trail, by John Goodchild (WHP 34)
Bretton, the Beaumonts and a Bureaucracy, by S.J. Wright (WHP 40)               
This Pious Undertaking, the Chantry Chapel on Wakefield Bridge in the 19th and 20th Centuries, by Kate Taylor (WHP 42)






Aire and Calder


Medieval wakefield

Woolley trail