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Some journals may still be available to purchase from the Society, others may be found in the Local Studies Library. Please contact us for information:

Volume 1 1974 The Journal was inaugurated for the 50th Year of the Society

At St Helen's Church Sandal Brenda Andrassy
A Harrison Letter Eric S Whittle
Medieval Livery Collars Richard Knowles
A Gentlewoman: Mary Pilkington 1826- 1909 Mary Ingham
Pipes: Clay Pipes from Wrenthorpe H Waddington
The Pindar Far Afield J. V. Gough
The Tammy Hall at Wakefield John Goodchild
The Westgate Fountain R. G. Pearson
The Changing City  
The Funeral of the Duke of York E. Wright
Medieval Church Locker G. F. Blakeley


Volume 2 1975

The Story of Clayton Hospital Will Read
The Calder Soap Works, a Monster Chimney Sam Baines
Richard III Memorial Window, Fotheringhay George F Blakeley
European Architectural Heritage Year, 1975. A Preliminary List of Buildings of Industrial Interest in the Wakefield District John Goodchild
Re-identification of a Harewood Alabaster Richard Knowles
The Benedictine Burials in Kirkthorpe Churchyard Eric S Whittle
Surveyor of the Highways J Bulwer

Volume 3 1976

The Life of a Working Man 1882-1926 Mary Ingham
A Yorkshire Export Richard Thickett
A Story of Old Thornes Lane or Bolton's Donkey W.S. Longley
An Elizabethan Date Stone George G. Blakeley
The Petersons: An American Mercantile in Wakefield John Goodchild

Public Transport: 'A Penny One Please'
The Wakefield and District Omnibus Company Ltd 1890-1905
The Tramways of Wakefield and District


Volume 4 1977

Drawings of Wakefield by Henry Clarke

Volume 5 1978

Transcriptions with Introductions of:
The Hearth Tax Returns of 1672 for the Wakefield Metropolitan district
A Wakefield Census 1723
John Goodchild


Volume 6 1979

A 16th century Funeral Account Richard Knowles
Brick Making in the Wakefield District John Goodchild
Wakefield Mechanics' Institute Clifford Brook
To Scarborough for the Weekend 1845 Peter I. Wood
Another Wakefield Worthy: H.S. Goodyear R. G. Pearson
At Number Eight: some Family Recollections Eric L Raper


Volume 7 1980

George Gissing and Wakefield, by Clifford Brook

Volume 8 1981

Wakefield and Wool, by John Goodchild

Volume 9 1982

Holy Wells in and around Leeds, Bradford and Pontefract. Andrea N Smith
Lewis Twigge and Son of Wakefield Eric Raper
The State of Zion: the 1851 Religious Census John F Wilkinson


Volume 10 1983

The Chain Bridge: Denby Dale Road Eric Raper
James Milnes, an Eighteenth Century Wakefield Merchant Prince John Goodchild
Extracts from the Diary of Edward Simpson of Walton, 1864 ed by Mary Ingham


There is a gap of 15 years between Volume 10 and 11 of the Society's Journal Members of the Society contributed many articles to 3 volumes of Aspects of Wakefield, Discovering Local History, edited by Kate Taylor, published by Wharncliffe Publishing, 1998, 1999, 2001.

Volume 11 1998 Some aspects of Wakefield in the 20th Century

Slum clearance and municipal housing in Wakefield: a preliminary note John Goodchild
Arthur Dixon: Tram Conductor Peter Wood
A Park Lodge Lane Childhood Eric Raper
Musical Meanderings: early 20th century memories Ronald G Pearson
Entertainment, Recreation and Leisure in twentieth century Wakefield Kate Taylor


Volume 12 2001

The Changing Shape of Wakefield Cathedral Richard Nicholls
Clara's Wardrobe Opened: from Clara Clarkson's journals 1831- 1876 Christine Ellis
The Corn Exchange in Wakefield John Goodchild
Flights of Fancy: Wakefield and flying: 18th to 20th century Peter Wood
Forty Years On: some Wakefield businesses in the 19th and 20th Centuries Eric Raper
Churches and Chapels of Wakefield in the 20th century Stella Hutching


Volume 13 2004

The Constables and Town Officials of Wakefield before the Town Council of 1848 John Goodchild
The Black Bull or Great Bull Inn of Wakefield Sandra Hargreaves
The Beginnings of Pigeon Fancying in the Wakefield Area John Goodchild
How the Assizes came to Leeds Kate Taylor
Great Crowds and Cordial greetings: the Royal Visit to Wakefield, July 1912. Deborah Scriven
Another John Carr. John Goodchild


Volume 14 2005

Wakefield and the Second World War Peter Wood


Volume 15 2008

Wakefield's Navy: Wakefield's contribution to the Second World War Navy Phil Judkins
Working for the Railway: the Wakefield locomotive sheds and their work people John Goodchild
Fire! A Westgate inn in the eighteenth century. Lesley Taylor
West Riding County General Hospital: memories of a worker. Alan Bellinger
Sutcliffe's Drawing Office Bob Sykes

Volume 16 2012

The Pilgrim's Progress: Wakefield welcomes the Suffragette Pilgrimage of 1913 Deborah Scriven
The Cabinet Makers' Society Lesley Taylor
Weighing in Wakefield Kate Taylor
Railway Promotions to the North of Wakefield John Goodchild
An Inspector Calls: William Ranger's Public Health Inquiry in Ossett David Scriven