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Wakefield Historical Society welcomes all those with an interest in history both on a local level and more widely. We aim to promote knowledge of the area's past and raise awareness of local heritage.  

We offer a programme of winter lectures and summer excursions and organise talks and short courses. Members receive a monthly e-newsletter, a quarterly newsletter and a Society Journal containing original research. 

Activities for members include historical and archaeological investigations and the transcribing and indexing of original documents.

coming events

The next Summer Excursion by coach is on Wednesday 15th June to Melton Mowbray and Harlaxton Manor near Grantham. On Saturday 28th May there is a 'make your own way' visit to Leeds Town Hall. Excursions are only open to members of Wakefield Historical Society or Wakefield Civic Society and their guests.


A description of the walk round Wakefield with the Victorian Society is on the Recent Events page.

Wakefield Roll of Honour from World War One has been added to Discover Wakefield's History.
On the same page is a new article about the inauguration in 1882 of the Wakefield Tradesmen's Benevolent Institution, and the grand parade that included an elephant and camels.

A report of the talk by David Hinchliffe on 13th April 2016: Rugby League: A Threat to the Establishment , appears on Lecture Notes 2015-2016.

Full details of the Society's Summer Excursions and a downloadable booking form are now available:
Summer Excursions

Information recently added to the News page:

The York Festival of Ideas, 7-19 June

Research Project on the Oaks Colliery Disaster in 1866

The possible closure of the Tolson Memorial Museum

The present Lord of the Manor of Wakefield

The Capability Brown Festival in Yorkshire















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